๐Ÿ“‘ Resources For Teaching Online Due To School Closures

Bookmarked Resources For Teaching Online Due To School Closures (The Edublogger)

Our guide will give you insights into how educators around the world are approaching school closures.

Thousands of teachers worldwide are currently sharing snippets of their experiences via social media or their blogs. Weโ€™ve compiled, curated, and built on some common themes and ideas to create this extensive guide.

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Youโ€™ll get ideas on:

This post also includes a range of useful graphics to help you that youโ€™re free to use and share.

Kathleen Morris provides a number of topics and tools to consider if forced to move learning online. This includes how to structure online learning, what are some options for a learning hub, the different tools available to support learning experiences and some things to consider if moving online. The post provides a great summary of what is possible and often links out to other Edublogger posts on various applications. However, I think the post useful parts are the list of obstacles and school closure checklist at the end.

Although technology provides something of a solution to the problem at hand, I think we need to be mindful of rolling out such changes seemingly overnight. As Audrey Watters reminds, we must not forget the accessibility and privacy implications. I am concerned that once the miasma clears we will look at each other and wonder what informal agreements we have signed, especially with so many offering ’90 days free’ for those impacted by the coronavirus.

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