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Bookmarked What I would like to see in online learning in 2018: 1: a theory of classroom affordances (tonybates.ca)

Under what conditions and for what purposes is it better to learn in a face-to-face context rather than online? And when and how should they be used to complement each other when both are readily available?

Tony Bates suggests that there is research needed in regards to online learning, as well as a theory of learning. I am reminded of Richard Olsen’s post on link between research and theory. I wonder where this fits with Dron and Anderson’s Teaching Crowds and Ian Guest’s investigation into Twitter.

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  1. I have to confess I’ve struggled a bit to match Tony’s article with the work I’ve recently been involved with Aaron. Whereas the italicised questions above clearly relate to learning, a substantial proportion of the article references teaching. In the school context, teaching and learning (hopefully, although not necessarily) are coherently linked. In the context of teachers’ learning practice on Twitter however, I think the teaching part is absent … at least in the formal sense.

    Although learning practices on Twitter would at first only seem to be an online concern, the importance of connected offline aspects is also emerging. So I’m not sure that asking which is better is meaningful. For teachers on Twitter, it seems to be more about ‘the whole’ rather than the parts. The people making the decisions about what is ‘better’ or more appropriate for them are the people at the sharp end of doing it. I guess it’s the informality and the learner-centredness within this situation that separates it from what Tony’s discussing. Or maybe not? Perhaps that might go some way towards answering Tony’s question(s)? Perhaps where learning outcomes are specified and where learning is more directed are better suited to f2f situations, and where learners have more freedom and agency are better conducted online? It’s obviously just a thought and not the theory or research that Tony was seeking though.

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