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I’ve been using this tool for years in Feed WordPress set ups. A common mistake, and it happened to 2 students this time around, is when I ask for the link to their blog, I get one that is actually the link to their dashboard view of their own blog, like

It’s a subtle thing, but this is not the public URL of a blog. It works for them because they are logged into their own blogs. Anyhow, I added a few more checks on the Magic Box code to trap these errors (you can see a public version at http://lab.cogdogblog.com/magicbox/).

Alan, I threw a few links into the Magic Box (on the CCourses page) recently as I was just testing out a few things. I found that even though Post Kinds produces a feed, the box was not picking this up and instead giving me back the basic feed for the whole site. Just thought I’d share …

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  1. First of all the CCCourses box is a bit older. But also, the magic in the box is limited; it can only discover feeds that are inserted into the web page source. Even WordPress itself does not put the RSS feed for a category into a category archive page.

    So….. just because a Feed exists does not mean its discoverable in the source HTML.

    The Magic Box is really for getting the primary feed of a blog.

    Cheap trick.

    1. Oh, thanks for the clarification Alan. I just remember Connected Courses where I used it to get the feed for a tag in Blogger. Guessing that might be different again.

      I guess the lesson is to learn how it all works. Maybe that is the true magic.

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