Just discover I had a Goodreads account, started and abandon… by john john (John's World Wide Wall Display)
Just discover I had a Goodreads account, started and abandoned in 2010. I’ve be finding that I am not recalling the titles of books I read on kindle and thinking about making some tracking notes. I’ll give this another go. Like this: Like Loading...

John, I originally tried to use GoodReads, interested in what opportunities it might offer my students, but I found myself simply publishing my reviews to my own blog. I have never done that thing where I share with the world where I am up to with my reading either.

In regards to highlights and notes, I haven’t used clipping.io to capture my thoughts. Never heard of it, sadly. Instead I used to copy the highlights associated with each book to a Doc. Now with the update that Mariana mentioned you can add them to your Diigo collection. Only done this with one book so far. I like the idea of it, just frustrated that it is not a service that is more open. I guess Clipping.io was that service and they have closed it. What I like about highlights and digital texts in general is the ability to go back and search. I agree that paper maybe better for memory, but I find the ability to easily trawl texts priceless.

Like Alan, I feel like I regularly stumble upon forgotten services, worse is when you are still paying for them.

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  1. Hi Aaron,
    Thanks. I’ve not really figure out what I want to do yet. Basically remember what I’ve read better. The kindle’s lack of cover means I often forget title & author. Might be age. You solution of using your blog might just do the trick. I like the layout of that page, a bit wikity (which might be a good theme to use for this sort of thing.)

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