📑 #remotelearning- It’s Happening…

Bookmarked #remotelearning- It’s Happening… (Silvia Tolisano- Langwitches Blog)

I am focusing on two lenses through which to look at learning remotely. [Of course they is so much more to consider for schools, administrators, teachers, parents and students…]

  1. Educators knowing how to teach remotely
  2. Students knowing how to learn remotely

Of course, we can simply assume and aim for our teaching and learning to stay the same as it would in our traditional face to face classrooms, but we would completely ignore the potential remote learning has to amplify learning.

We have an incredible opportunity (among the many tragedies for some and many inconveniences for others due to the virus) to dive into remote learning and jump light years ahead by conducting action research and gaining hands on experiences. Learning how to learn how to get fit for new forms of teaching and learning. It is an incredible opportunity to document these new forms of learning and collaboratively and “crowdsourcedly” (is that a new word?) redefine teaching and learning for the future.

Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano compiles all of her resources to support online / remote learning. She also followed this up with a post for younger learners. This is similar to what Kathleen Morris did with Edublogs. It is all a part of the response to schools forced to close.

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