๐Ÿ’ฌ Remaining unmanaged

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The reason traditional organisations have people managers is to prevent failure. They exist to prevent employees:

  1. Doing the wrong thing (misdirect effort)
  2. Doing the thing wrong (make mistakes)
  3. Cutting corners and do poor work out of laziness
  4. Working too slowly, creating delays
  5. Gaming incentives and work to minimal standards
  6. Acting maliciously due to unresolved resentments
  7. Acting unreliably due to personal life issues
  8. Lying or cheating in reporting on work
  9. Failing to resolve conflict with other employees
  10. Becoming unable to work due to illness
  11. Failing due to lack the right resources to succeed
  12. Failing due to essential tools or systems failing
Thank you Doug. Always food for thought.

I am still left thinking about Sean Blanda’s discussion of the spectre of remote as the first step to offshoring.

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