Hi Aaron,

No apology needed, I did not really make that clear, but you bring up a good point, There may be some confusion around that point so worth spelling out. The LAMP stack which powers Domain of One’s own and our shared hosting offerings is not going anywhere. Applications like WordPress, Omeka, Scalar, etc. are still our bread and butter, and there is really no comparison in pricing between shared hosting and the Cloud. What would cost $30 a year to run WordPress on shared hosting would cost $10-$15 a month in the Cloud. That has everything to do with the fact that Reclaim Cloud is geared towards performant PHP applications (ton a traffic and need to scale seamlessly). The other opportunities that Reclaim Cloud open up that we are so excited about is all the apps that do not run in a LAMP stack cleanly are now things we can help people host. We spent too many years saying no and sorry to a whole generation of web applications that run on node.js, Ruby, and other environments that are difficult, if not impossible, to do cleanly in cPanel.

The other thing is Docker containers become a possibility, which effectively provide custom environments for apps that are ready-made, which means we can now host a wide range of niche projects with one of two clicks. It’s really a paradigm shift for hosting and server infrastructure that has been happening for a decade now, and we are finally seeing that trickle down to more independent hosting services like ours, that means it is mainstreaming more and more. It’s exciting stuff, and while not still entirely in focus, we really wanted to expand our possibilities if for nothing else because it is forcing us to learn so much!