📑 How Change Happens

Bookmarked Rebecca Solnit: How Change Happens (Literary Hub)

It’s easy now to assume that one’s perspectives on race, gender, orientation, and the rest are signs of inherent virtue, but a lot of ideas currently in circulation are gifts that arrived recently, through the labors of others.

Remembering that people made these ideas, as surely as people made the buildings we live in and the roads we travel on, helps us remember that, first, change is possible, and second, it’s our good luck to live in the wake of this change rather than asserting our superiority to those who came before the new structures, and maybe even to acknowledge that we have not arrived at a state of perfect enlightenment, because there is more change to come, more that we do not yet recognize that will be revealed.

In an adapted introduction to Whose Story Is It?, Rebecca Solnit explains how change and ideas spread. Often we overlook the past that the present is built upon.

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