📑 Reading “War and Peace” On My Iphone

Bookmarked Reading “War and Peace” On My Iphone – Clive Thompson – Medium by Clive Thompson (Medium)

These days, my reading has bifurcated. Contemporary books, I mostly read in print. This is partly because I still like paper books a lot, but also because I want my local bookstore to survive, so I tend to email them whenever there’s a new book out; they order it in usually within 48 hours, making them essentially as fast as Amazon Prime. But for anything that’s old, classic, or from antiquity, it’s all on my phone. In addition to Tolstoy, I’ve used it to read Middlemarch (crazy-packed with wit), Moby-Dick (in which, because I’m a nerd, I found myself enjoying the whale-physiology stuff even more than Ahab’s black-metal scenes), Crime and Punishment (yikes yikes yikes), and about a third of Proust’s seven-volume Remembrance of Things Past (which I stopped because, alas, I concluded that I didn’t like Proust very much. War and Peace swept me away, but Proust never stopped being a grind. “Seriousness of purpose” only takes me so far. Apologies to all the Proust fanatics out there; don’t hate me.). At any rate, I’m slowly filling the holes in my knowledge of the big novels. If I had a Kindle meter for my life, it would probably show I’m — what, maybe 11% of along the path of the historic novels I hope to read?

Clive Thompson reflects upon the experience of reading War and Peace on his phone. He discusses the access to free text, taking notes using voice-to-text, ability to dip in and out, and access to the web to follow various lines of thought.

I once tried reading Middlemarch on my phone, but was not necessarily a fan. I do however like listening to books on my phone, whether audio recordings or via text-to-voice. This then allows me to take notes within the digital text.

What I am interested in is the cleanest workflow. This includes the applications I use to read/listen to various texts and the means of extracting my notes in a meaningful way. For example, I recently came upon a means of downloading my Kindle Notes.

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