๐Ÿ“‘ Reading Lessons

Bookmarked Reading Lessons (Longreads)

You never stop learning how to read โ€” probably because you also never stop forgetting how to read.

In an extract from How We Read, Irina Dumitrescu reflects on her experiences with reading overtime. She discusses university, poetry, drama and the challenges of reading fiction in a busy life. Personally, I have taken to listening to books of late, however I found myself lost between the different voices in the text. It occurred to me that I probably wasn’t reading, well at least not in a deep manner.


University, I realized, was as much about learning to read as it was about actually reading things.

Poetry, the great romance of my pubescent years, feels even more distant, requiring focus and receptivity I can rarely muster. Sometimes I wonder if the young read novels and poems because they are the only ones who can.

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