📓 Rafranz Davis (DIGICON18 Keynote)

Ben Gallagher:

Starting off proceedings with the announcement that the national conference is coming in 2020.

Rafranz Davis:

There is no such thing as ‘perfect’ … There is always a deeper context at play

The question that drives many learners is: “what opportunities will you provide me today?”

With technology, my class had to change as I had to change. Change is personal.

Be the teacher you needed when you were younger?

Just because the test is digital, it does not mean that it is any different

Remembering the time before tablets when we fought over the clickers

What is important is about thinking about what resources you have and how you can use them

Do we give students the opportunity to truly tell their stories? What does it mean to connect as whole people?

Be an advocate for all

Why does the ‘learning’ begin when the homework ends?

How can school teach responsibility, rather than block every digital opportunity?

Sharing the story of @Braedenart https://www.redbubble.com/people/braedenart who is your Braeden? How are we unlocking their potential?

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