๐Ÿ’ฌ Quirky content considerations in RSS feeds

Replied to Quirky content considerations in RSS feeds by Jeremy Felt

Another goofy example is emojis. WordPress provides full support for the capture andย storage of emojisย as well as aย compatibility layerย using theย Twemoji project. This layer replaces raw emojis in content with hosted images onย s.w.org. The pizza emoji becomes this in the feed.

Jeremy, I was reading your discussion of Emojis and wondering what you process was to implement Tweoji exactly? I have tried in vain to implement :shortcode: rather than depend upon copying or inserting images. I know Chris Beckstrom has achieved this, however I did not have so much luck.

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  1. WordPress automatically replaces โ€œrawโ€ emoji data in post content with images from the Twemoji library as content is rendered. I enter emojis manually via MacOSโ€™s default interface (CTRL + CMD + Spacebar). I have not (yet) seen anything for using the :shortcode: syntax similar to Slack and others, though that would be really interesting in some contexts.
    Hope that helps! Happy to expand if not. ๐Ÿค“

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