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Watched American documentary film about Quincy Jones, co-directed by Rashida Jones and Alan Hicks from Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

The film epilogue details his career as follows: “Over 2,900 songs recorded; over 300 albums recorded; 51 film and television scores; over 1,000 original compositions; 79 Grammy nominations; 27 Grammy awards; 1 of 18 EGOT winners (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony); ‘Thriller’ the best selling album of all time; ‘We Are the World’ the best selling single of all time; $63 million raised for famine relief in Africa; and 7 children.”

Inspired by The Weeknd, I watched the Quincy documentary. It is amazing how many years his career has spanned and so many genres. I always wondered how How Nadia Boulanger fitted in, but this was because I had a particular perspective of him.

One interesting observation was that Michael Jackson’s thriller started by selecting from 600 songs. I wonder if any of those tracks were picked up by other artists?

I also liked Jones’ reflection:

To know where you came from makes it easier to know where you are going.

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