💬 Quick Peek at TWU Portfolios Project

Replied to Quick Peek at TWU Portfolios Project (CogDogBlog)

Here are the sample sites that are used as ones that are cloned:

TWU Inspire Portfolio (theme source https://github.com/TWUOnline/TWU-Inspire-Portfolio)
TWU Hearts Portfolio (theme source https://github.com/TWUOnline/TWU-Hearts-Portfolio)
TWU Minds Portfolio (theme source https://github.com/TWUOnline/TWU-Minds-Portfolio)

Your work on portfolios Alan reminds me a bit of Edufolios and the way they baked in the teaching standards to their solution.

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    1. Not exactly sure how widely it is used Alan, sorry. I really like the idea of your plugin and wonder if something similar exists in education within the US, although not sure if there are consistencies of standards across states and districts?

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