🎧 Prince: The Story of 1999

Listened Prince: The Story of 1999, Episode 1: My Mind Says Prepare to Fight from thecurrent.org

Prince: The Story of 1999 is a four-part audio documentary series brought to you by The Current in collaboration with the Prince Estate, Paisley Park, and Warner Records.

Andrea Swensson presents a series of four podcasts celebrating the re-release of Prince’s album 1999:

It is fascinating to consider the challenges Prince faced.Β  Where today, it would be possible to build a community online, Prince instead created two side-projects, Vanity 6 and The Time, to create his own presence.

My favourite reflection was from Dez Dickerson who spoke about using an ‘explosion’ to cover up an error in a great take:

One of the things he also told me one time was – this was back before Pro Tools and all stuff, obviously. And every once in a while, you’d get a take, and the energy and the feel of the take was good enough – was so good that even though there might’ve been a mistake technically, you wanted to use the take. So he said, “You know what, when there’s something in the track that you want to keep but there’s something in the track that you don’t want in there, just put an explosion over it.” [Dez laughs] That was it. So now you know studio secrets with Prince. Put an explosion over the mistakes. There you go. (source)

Along with Anil Dash’s discussion on why you love to listen to Prince and the Prince J Files, these podcasts provide an insight into the world of Prince.

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