๐Ÿ’ฌ Practical Documentation: What the Indieweb Needs for WordPress

Replied to Practical Documentation: What the Indieweb Needs for WordPress by Brad Brad (Brad Enslen)
What the Indieweb really needs is some practical, plain language documentation to lead end users through the forest of plugins, jargon and bailing wire setups to get the mainstream blogger to the promised land of Indieweb goodness.
I agree with you about the frustration associated with #IndieWeb. However, if there was a simple answer then I think that it would have been implemented by now. I really respect the work being doing at the moment by Chris Aldrich and Greg McVerry, I am also mindful that many of these plugins and approaches are seemingly managed by a handful of individuals. Fine there could be additional documentation, but unless more people are willing to put their hands up (myself included) then it will likely remain this way.

In regards to G+, do Google even offer the appropriate APIs to connect? For example, SNAP doesn’t provide direct link. IndieWeb is awesome, but isn’t it still dependent on third party silos. That is why it no longer works with Facebook, right?

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  1. Aaron, thanks for replying. I think we are in almost total agreement on all points. My main goal was to point out that if we want the mainstream user to adopt both the philosophy and the mechanics of the IndieWeb then it needs to be more user friendly in all aspects. Word is leaking out into the mainstream, so we have to prepare.

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