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  1. Since the breaking issue seems to be in code outside the plugin, you could bundle the Kind_Meta compatibility class or I could help you update the child theme.

    Thanks, I barely understand this!

    I had copied a few kind_views into my child theme to customise them a bit. I guess I can look at the new version and copy the view from there? Or even the ones in 3.0.9?

  2. @troutcolor Basically, pulling in properties used to be in a class called Kind_Meta. I changed to MF2_Post last October.


    So I renamed the kind_views folder in my child them and update the plugin again.

    This has now stripped the response properties from posts.
    The post now has “Replied to Array by an author” if I edit the post I see this:

    This happened to one post the first time but seem to have happened to all the post on /blog my home page and

    which is a worry.

  3. @dshanske I wrote a post before updating and had it open in my browser. When I saved a draft it only left me with the URL property. I then tried to create a new post via my bookmarklet and it did that thing where it only loads the post properties box with no information. I then started a new bookmark and added the site into the properties box. Although it initially loaded all the information, when I previewed/posted it reverted back to just the URL.

    I hope that helps. Thank you for all your work. Let me know if there are any other tests you would like me to do.

  4. I’ve identified 4 bugs and pushed out version 3.1.1 to address these bugs. One prevented, under certain circumstances, items from saving.

    Will continue to do bugfixes as reported but these were critical for some.

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