🎧 Podcast #715: What’s the Most Sustainable Diet?

Listened Podcast #715: What’s the Most Sustainable Diet? from The Art of Manliness

My guest today is in a distinctly well-informed position to comment on this question, having personally test-driven over a dozen diets in three years. His name is Barry Estabrook, and he’s an investigative journalist and the author of Just Eat: One Reporter’s Quest for a Weight-Loss Regimen That Works. We begin our conversation with what set Barry on his quest to find the best, most sustainable diet. We then get into the fact that the ideas behind modern diets aren’t new, and the sometimes weird history of their predecessors. From there we turn to Barry’s experiments with contemporary diets, including what happened when he tried eating both low-carb and low-fat, joining Weight Watchers, and figuring out what he could learn from the eating habits of the Greeks and French. We end our conversation with what Barry ultimately changed about his own diet to successfully drop the pounds, and what he discovered as to what really works best for sustainable weight loss.

After going through a range of diets, Barry Estabrook reveals that the most sustainable strategy is to reflect upon your own life and identify aspects of change. One change that I have made in the last few years has been intermittent fasting.

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