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Bookmarked Platform teachers (code acts in education)

All in all, Amazon Ignite is encouraging teachers to see themselves as empowered and branded-up personal edubusinesses operating inside Amazonโ€™s commerce platform. It is easy to see the attraction in the context of underfunded schools and low teacher pay. But it also brings teachers into the precarious conditions of the gig economy. These educators are gig workers and small-scale edu-startup businesses who will need to compete to turn a profit. Rather than making select teachers into brand ambassadors for its platform, Amazon is bringing teacher-producers and education startups on to its platform as content producers doing the labour of making, uploading and marketing resources for royalty payments. It expands platform capitalism to the production, circulation and provision of classroom resources, and positions Amazon as an intermediary between the producers and consumers in a new educational market.

Ben Williamson discussesย Amazon Ignite, Amazon’s move into the educational resource space currently held byย Teachers Pay Teachersย andย TES Teaching Resources. He highlights the way in which such platforms make gig workers out of teachers and even students. This also continues some of Williamson’s discussions about platform capitalismย in the classroom.

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