๐Ÿ“‘ Personality Tests and the Downfall of Democracy

Bookmarked Personality Tests and the Downfall of Democracy by Ben Werdmuller (word.weid.io)
Facebook has been designed to be an information-gathering engine in order to more effectively sell personalized advertising. Its algorithm also attempts to deeply understand your interests in order to โ€œoptimize for engagementโ€: keep you using the site, and therefore viewing those personalized ads, for as long as possible. Its users access Facebook for 50 minutes a day. In order to gather the most information it can, Facebook has been engineered to be the worldโ€™s most efficient peer pressure engine. Users on the platform are constantly being persuaded to stay; those who try and leave report being relentlessly emailed with personalized, emotional content to try and get them to come back.
Werdmuller explains how the use of personality quizzes can be and have been used by Facebook to develop a complex profile. In light of the Facebook breach and concerns around Cambridge Analytica, Werdmuller explains that none of this should surprise anyone. It is how the platform has been designed.

Tantek ร‡elik explains this in the IndieWeb Chat:

The big reveal (IMO) of the FB/CA disclosures is that nothing you post to FB is actually “private”, in practice it is silently shared with random apps (that you happen to use your FB ID to sign into), which then are sharing it with other orgs via acquisition or just outright selling your data.

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