๐Ÿ’ฌ The future of the world is in my classroom

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The role of teachers in providing not the basic facts but the framework on which students can build deep understanding, to help students to learn how to apply their knowledge creatively and effectively, and to be divergent and critical thinkers. We need to teach students to find and make meaning in their learning not to simply master a list of skills.
Great provocation Adriano. Always so much to consider.

Two things stood out though to me were your discussion of digital literacy and mention of learning plans. I agree with you that digital literac(ies) are important. My only concern is that we are not critical enough about some of the assumed practices of staff and students. I love Jacques du Toit’s Tweeting Aztecs project, I just feel that maybe such projects are best done in a space such as Edublogs.

Your reference to individualised learning plans reminds me of the work coming out of Templestowe College. I feel that the biggest challenge with this is allowing students space to take action on their learning. I worked in a school a few years ago where time was allocated for staff and students to regularly meet to develop learning plans. The problem in hindsight was that the practice and the wider pedagogical beliefs were split. I am wondering if you too have faced this connundrom?

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  1. Havenโ€™t encountered any issue with individualised learning plans as the move toward this notion for ALL students at Marcellin is 12 months off.

    All changes to learning structures and pedagogical practices are being explored in preparation for a 2020 implementation. Which I image will be a staged approach.

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