💬 Our Reading Conferring Sheet

Replied to Our Reading Conferring Sheet by Pernille Ripp (pernillesripp.com)

While this conferring sheet is only a small sliver of the work that happens all year as they explore and develop their reading identity further, it serves as a conversational touchpoint that reminds us of the goals we have, the work we need to do, and who we are as human beings in our classroom. While some kids are eager to share their journey as readers, others are much more hesitant or fully unwilling and I respect that as well. After all, they don’t know me yet so they have no reason to trust me. We then take the time needed to develop our relationship and continually invite them into this conversation. It takes patience and dedication but every child is worth it.

Pernille, I really like the simplicity of the structure of your conferring sheet. Do you use anything like the CAFE menu to guide the goal setting or do you just work with the student where they are at?

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