💬 Only The Shit You Love July 27

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Thank-you from the part of me that isn’t a cynical, carping smartarse, for making this whole ridiculous thing possible, and then hanging in there while I took an eternity figuring out how to do it.

Who knows if it will be worth it. But if in the end I’m still your friend, well, what a wonderful thing to be.

I opened my emails and saw a whole list of EOY spam trying to get me to buy or donate before. However, nestled in there was an update from Damian Cowell on the release of his album:

I said I’d be back, but I didn’t think it’d take quite this long…

Four years, three months, two weeks and two days, all up.

But here I stand before you, to say “I’m ready”…

Only The Shit You Love – the 19 episode cartoon series, followed by the album and the graphic novel – will kick off on August 3.

Here was me wondering if the totalitarian state had gotten to him and he had instead fled with his funds to places with greater standards, but instead he was just being a perfectionist I guess. It would seem that I have my entertainment sorted for the second-half of the year:

How will it work? On August 3 we’ll start with episode 1, followed by episode 2 the same week, just to kick things off, and then it will be one episode per week after that. Plus there’ll be an accompanying weekly podcast – Only The Shit You Love the Podcast – where I start by talking about that week’s episode and wander off into all kinds of weird nostalgia (because nostalgia is the leitmotif of Only The Shit You Love) plus bits and pieces of The Shit I Love.

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