๐Ÿ“… Northern eLearn Network Term 4 2018

Checked into Northern eLearn Network Term 4 2018
Visited Holy Cross Primary School to investigate their engagement with Design Technologies and Outdoor Education. Built out the back of New Gisborne, the school is blessed with a large amount of land. The school then set out to investigate how they could best utilise the space the school was on, as well as lift the profile of the school. Some of the things that they have developed, include:

  • Grape vines
  • Olive grove
  • Animals: Chickens, Sheep, Goats etc …
  • A dam
  • Vegetable garden

Some of the challenges faced include:

  • Designing prototypes
  • Organising materials
  • Budgeting based on costs and materials
  • Foxes and birds,
  • Watering: drought, drainage and testing different solutions
  • Preparing the soil, maintaining the soil
  • Weeds and blackberries.
  • Animal life cycles
  • Snakes and living with nature

Outdoor Education

Focus of the outdoor education is on engaging with living science exploring the volcanic heritage of the area, technology to understand the soil composition, inquiry into growing produce, purposeful writing to support the learning, and capabilities associated with working collaborative. One of the keys to all this is integrating units of work with what is happening at the time. The question they continually come back to is, what in our environment allows us to engage further? An example is the increase in blackberries or the loss of a grape harvest to birds.

Community and Industry Partnerships

Another element to all this is the engagement with the community. This has come in the form of parents helping out, as well as with organisations such as Western Water, PowerCorp and Cobram Estate with community engagement.

In the end, this has worked because it is not an activity that you pack up and put away.

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