🤔 No more performative professionalism

Replied to No more performative professionalism by Doug Belshaw (Open Thinkering)

It would be disingenuous for me to say that I don’t find LinkedIn handy for some things. I’ve discovered opportunities through the platform, made connections with people, and found out genuinely useful information.

But what makes me a little sad inside is that the whole thing is built on the assumption that capitalist competition is a good thing. It’s predicated on celebrating spurious awards that people and organisations have (often) paid to be in the running for. And, to be honest, the performative professionalism highlighted by Adegbuyi makes the whole thing a bit cringey.

I have never really gotten into LinkedIn. It has never really worked for me.

What is sad is that I see people move their writing output there, when they had a perfectly good blog. Although the same could be said about Substack too.

I am intrigued by the the notion of a hostage situation and wonder if this is the end game for all the platforms? I feel that this is Cory Doctorow’s point about adversarial interoperability?

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