A reply to Clive Thompson on the Story of my Username

Replied to October 6, 2017 by Clive (Clive Thompson)
The story of why Iโ€™m @pomeranian99
Clive, I was intrigued by the story of how you came to your username. I had a similar story of confusion in choosing ‘mrkrndvs’. As an educator, many misinterpret it as ‘Mr Krndvs’ but soon get tongue tide. It is in fact my name without vowels, which is not so obvious as I do not go by my first name.

I was signing up for a Hotmail account sometime in the early 00’s and somewhere in the terms and conditions I misread that you would have to pay for a proper name. I therefore came up with ‘mrkrndvs’ as an alternative. I assume in hindsight that the ‘cost’ was probably in reference to purchasing a custom domain

Thankfully, I have long forgotten the other iterations of online usernames I used in those halcyon days. I do get pressure now and then to take on a more ‘professional’ username, but for me it is a part of the story of who I am. I feel that I have come to fit it overtime.

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  1. Aha, this is incredibly interesting. It reminds me of my first email address ever, which was cthomp@interlog.com โ€ฆ it was an artifact of the ISPs heuristics.

    Most people who have really old email addresses probably have these cryptic ones.

    I wonder if anyone is still using one of those long alphanumeric strings that Compuserve used to hand out?

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