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Replied to More lockdown learning by john john (johnjohnston.info)

I am very lucky in having a supportive wife, my daughter is grown and away, I’ve little in the way of home responsibilities. I’ve no ide how you would manage if you had kids at home or a partner that needed the living room space too…

Your discussion of introducing Microsoft Teams reminded me of Rolin Moe’s remarks that,

You can’t teach someone to swim while they’re drowning.

Certainly does sound exhausting.

In regards to space, I sometimes have the assistant principal trying to touch base with everyone and Ms 9 on WebEx. I am grateful that it is not yet winter over hear therefore allowing me to be able to setup in our alfresco when needs be.

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  1. I read “You can’t teach someone to swim while they’re drowning.” on your blog Aaron, it has been fixed in my mind. Trying to introduce new things very slowly, for both my pupils and my benefit (I hope).

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