📑 Mooc creators criticise courses’ lack of creativity

Bookmarked Mooc creators criticise courses’ lack of creativity (Times Higher Education (THE))

“Moocs today…are quite different from the ones that Stephen and I developed. Our goal was to encourage the development of learners through open and transparent learning, where the process of knowledge generation was iterative – improving on the ideas of other learners and generating new knowledge through continual…improvement. Most Moocs today are more didactic … If the big Mooc providers stay close to their learners and listen to the data, we will see future Moocs return to the early vision that Stephen and I had: open, social, networked and focused on generating new knowledge.” George Siemens

It is interesting to think about where MOOCs have come in the five years since this article was published. I actually thought that it was written now. It does not seem like much has changed.

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