🎧 Miranda Tapsell’s chapter songs

Bookmarked Miranda Tapsell’s chapter songs (ABC Radio)

I’ve been chasing Miranda Tapsell to Take 5 for years. The proud Larrakia Tiwi woman has proven hard to pin down because she’s been so busy making movies, starring in TV shows, and writing. Many of us first saw Taps in 2012, in her breakthrough role as Cynthia in The Sapphires. But she’s also been a star of stage and small screen, performing in plays, on telly as Martha in Love Child, and a regular guest on Get Krackin’, and most recently as the lead star and co-writer of Top End Wedding. In amongst it all, Miranda Tapsell penned her memoir Top End Girl capturing a particularly hectic time where she not only wrote a film about getting married, but got hitched herself. Across five tunes, Miranda takes you from her childhood in Darwin and Jabiru, to what called her to acting, and the power of seeing yourself and people like you, on screen. Roxette – ‘It Must Have Been Love’ Spice Girls – ‘Wannabe’ Christine Anu – ‘Island Home’ TLC – ‘Unpretty’ Bruno Mars – ‘Marry You’

I really enjoyed this conversation with Miranda Tapsell and am now interested in reading her book. Also glad I am not the only one who has a humorous proposal story.

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