🎧 Microcast #078 — Values-based organisations

Listened Microcast #078 — Values-based organisations from Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel

This microcast covers ethics in decision-making for technology companies and (related!) some recent purchases I’ve made.

It feels like we have been here before Doug in regards to Google? Wondering what you are doing about your smart speakers or are they already gone?

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  1. Hi Aaron, I’ve come to disassociate the ‘teacher’ part of who I am with the ‘technologist’ part. What that means in practice is that I no longer feel that I have to have a setup which is easily replicated by others.

    That lets me off the hook slightly, as it means that my computing requirements/preferences don’t have to be those of my family, or of my community. So, for example, my parents now have my Chromebook Pixel and love it. And that’s fine.

    With regards to the smart speakers, I removed the one from our living room (mainly because we weren’t using it) and we still turn the mic off the one in our bedroom. The one in my home office has gone to my parents, so that just leaves one in each of the kids’ bedrooms (which they love!) and the smart display in the kitchen (which we wouldn’t, as a family, be without now…)

    Ultimately, it’s a bit like choosing your diet. I’m not a vegan in my food choices, and nor am I a ‘vegan’ technologist. But I am pescetarian in my food choices, and it feels like I’m making a similar choice with my technology choices 🙂

    1. Thank you as always Doug for sharing your tech journey so openly.

      I have so far avoided the smart speakers myself, that is why I was interested.

      I will have to think about my diet. I fear that my diet is more pragmatic, rather than purposeful. This probably describes my technology choices too 🤔

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