๐Ÿ“‘ Media Accounting 101: Appholes and Contracts

Bookmarked Media Accounting 101: Appholes and Contracts by an author (Roden Explorers Archive)

Choose active media, set yourself up to succeed by building systems to cultivate positive habits, but most importantly: Take a second to think about the contracts youโ€™ve entered into as you go about your day. Are those contracts youโ€™re happy with? Did you realize you had entered into them?

Craig Mod shares some notes from a lecture he shared at Yale to 70 or so publishing CEOs, marketing, editorial, and PR folks on the topic of contracts:

Itโ€™s an essay about โ€œcontractsโ€ โ€” and I donโ€™t mean the formal things we sign upon joining a company or getting a divorce, but the more implicit contracts we enter into with a piece of media, software, or an application. Contracts can become proxies for thinking about โ€œmedia accounting:โ€ What we gain or lose by engaging with different media and mediums. Consider this missive a little bit of Media Accounting 101.

It is about the agreements we make that we may not always be aware that we are making. This is another interesting examination about being informed.

Central to this discussion is attention and in particular James Clear’s book Atomic Habits.

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  1. Craig Mod quotes Philip Roth on really reading:

    If you read a novel in more than two weeks you donโ€™t read the novel really.โ€ Meaning: To truly read (and, I might add, write) is to commit and maintain focus long enough to live fully within the world of the book (as opposed to ten second dips in and out, as we mostly do with much online media).(source)

    This has me thinking about Philip Glassโ€™ discussion at the end of Words with Music where he talks about different worlds and whether reading is such a place?

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