๐Ÿ’ฌ Manual Backfeed in the Blogosphere

Replied to Manual Backfeed in the Blogosphere by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (boffosocko.com)

Sometimes when using my own website to reply to another that doesnโ€™t support the W3Cโ€™s Webmention spec, Iโ€™ll manually syndicate (a fancy way of saying cut-and-paste) my response to the website Iโ€™m responding to. In these cases Iโ€™ll either put the URL of my response into the body of my reply, or in sites like WordPress that ask for my website URL, Iโ€™ll use that field instead. Either way, my response appears on their site with my reply URL in it (sometimes I may have to wait for my comment to be moderated if the receiving site does that).

Hereโ€™s the important part: Because my URL appears on the receiving site (sometimes wrapped as a link on either my name or the date/time stamp depending on the siteโ€™s user interface choices), I can now use it to force future replies on that site back to my original via webmention! My site will look for a URL pointing back to it to verify an incoming webmention on my site.

Thank you for this Chris. I have been manually entering comments up until now, not aware that if I pasted in the reply url that it would add a webmention. This should also fix my issue with displaying refbacks.

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