🎧 Male Loneliness β€” And What Men Can Do About it (Art of Manliness)

Listened Male Loneliness β€” And What Men Can Do About it | Art of Manliness from The Art of Manliness

Show Highlights

  • Men and suicide β€” unique risk factors and why men have higher rates of death by suicide
  • How Dr. Joiner defines loneliness
  • What does it mean to be alone but oblivious?
  • The value of social redundancy
  • The biological detriments of being lonely
  • Is the feeling of loneliness rising in America?
  • Social media’s double-edged sword
  • How are young people spoiled when it comes to relationships?
  • Why relationship maintenance is more valuable than new relationships
  • Why you should reconnect with friends from high school and college
  • Is therapy the right solution for men struggling with loneliness?
  • What can men do start investing more in relationships today?
  • How does this work in the age of COVID?
In this episode of the Art of Manliness podcast, Brett McKay speaks with Dr. Thomas Joiner about his book,Β Lonely at the Top: The High Cost of Men’s Success. They talk about the male tendency towards loneliness, even if they are somewhat oblivious to it.

This has me again returning to Austin Kleon’s depiction of ‘increased complexity‘ and the challenges associated with balance as life becomes more and more complex. As I wrote in the past, I wonder if it actually takes a family for such interventions to occur?

I wonder then if the greatest challenge we face in regards to leadership is realising we cannot do it alone and recognising those who help out to make it possible?

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