🎧 Generator Generation (Loose Learners)

Liked Radio #EDUtalk 07-02-2018 Loose Learners Ep 8: Generator Generation by John Johnston: Mariana Funes (EDUtalk)
Marianna & John discussing the use of online generators. Easy to use software.
John and Mariana consider a number of questions, including:

  • Do these make us or our students lazy? (I could do this from scratch but I can’t be bothered)
  • Do we end up with generator-envy? ( I will never be able to produce something as good as it does)
  • Do they offer a way into digital literacy that might encourage novices to learn more sophisticated tool?
  • Should we be using generators in class, if they have the potential to discourage learning?
  • Is some friction in tool use better for learning than ease?

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