💬 Literature circles with a side of technology

Replied to Literature circles with a side of technology (a macgirl in a pc world)

Initially I was a little concerned that these spaces might increase my own workload but I now realise that these virtual classrooms aren’t about me and don’t really require me (other than as an occasional visitor) – the students are using them in interesting, purposeful and valid ways on their own.

Gill, I really liked your point about how providing students with an online space. This reminds me of Dave White’s discussion of ‘coalescent spaces‘ and the opportunities we provide students online.

Personally, my digital move with literature circles was to get students to complete their notes in a collaborative document. This was in a time before Google Classroom. It was a bit hit and miss. I think in hindsight that I really needed to work on the trust aspect to it all a bit more.

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