💬 “Link In Bio” is a slow knife

Replied to “Link In Bio” is a slow knife (Anil Dash)

I don’t care about the imagined “good old days” of the web, and I’m not a pollyanna about the wild, open web being some panacea for all the harms that technology and the internet can enable. But I do think coercive methods of controlling people are a danger, and some of the most insidious techniques are when a platform subtly erases empowering opportunities for its users. So let’s look at all the apps that live under our thumbs, and interrogate the choices they’re making, and then imagine what they would look like if we demanded that our tools don’t tie our hands.

Anil, I agree with you that the web is becoming hostile to links. I often make an effort to include links in my online responses, it is the way I think, however they are usually either striped out or force my comments to be flagged by plugins like Akismet.

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