๐Ÿ““ Linda Liukas (#DIGICON18 Keynote)

Linda Liukas provided some interesting reflections in her keynote on technology and how we associated with it. There were a number of connections with the work of James Bridle and discussions of metaphors and humans.

Linda Liukas:

Every time I found something that I did not understand with coding, I thought how would a six year old understand it

The something missing in the coding space is storytelling

We need a more radically diverse group to solve the big problems

Even the biggest problems in the world are tiny problems stacked together

How do you cross the chasm between the easy examples of algorithms to a world of real algorithms

Discussing the way in which YouTube videos are actually being designed by algorithms

True learning is grounded in action, this is particularly challenging when it comes to technology

We can jam 300000 transistors in the tip of a pen, but we do not know how a computer works anymore

While computers are magical, they are not made of magic, they are made of logic

Computers as: content creators, linkers, scenographers and gear gurus

There’s hundreds of computers in every single home

There is a lot of diff kinds of data: behavioral, incidental, demographic, derived, aggregated

Computers are no closer to being human, they just have new ways of processing the data

The greatest thing for students is being a part of the process

What are we good at versus what computers are good at

The next big thing in computer education will be small data and storytelling

The world of technology is full of suitcase words that need to be unpacked

The metaphors that we use to describe the internet are quite important

Technology is built on our humanity

Imagine what being computer literate meant in the age of the combustion engine?

People uses technology

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