🎵 Lilac Everything (Emma Louise)

Listened EMMA LOUISE announces new album ‘LILAC EVERYTHING’; A project by EMMA LOUISE + shares dramatic first cut ‘WISH YOU WELL’ – from Amnplify

The idea came to pass during the final moments of recording, when Emma asked Jesso Jnr to dramatically pitch all of her vocals down. With over 100 million streams to her name, two acclaimed ARIA Top 20 album releases, and a monster-hit in ‘Jungle’ (which also soundtracks Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Black Opium’ perfume ads), it was an unusual, not to mention brave choice. Yet the freedom Emma felt was immediate.

Lilac Everything is a captivating album. The decision of Emma Louise to definitively augment her voice makes for an intriguing listening experience. Where some maybe critical of the artificial nature of pitch correction, the use in this circumstance is still novel and raises the question of identity and belonging. There is something uncanny about listening to a female artist taking on a male voice.

Emma Louise talks more about her ‘Joseph‘ persona and the use of the Little Alterboy plugin in an interview with Bruce Headlam. This includes some performances with and without the vocal alteration.

I would place this album between Father John Misty and Jeff Buckley.

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