Hi Aaron,

I read your response, but not Kevin’s original post. I really appreciate your comments and I like how you collect/archive (wrong words but the right word escapes me) your comments on your own site. I loved a tool called CoConment before it closed down because I could collect my comments in one spot.

For now, I’m focusing on my writing, and listening to audiobooks in my spare time, so I’m not commenting a lot, but I am considering your approach with Read Write Collect.

You are correct about the low value of a ‘like’, and comments are what made blogging so engaging for me as both a writer and reader.

I think we are missing a community network that is more like Ning was than Facebook is… which would allow people to port in their online spaces into small communities, based on tags, to help us create connections where we want to comment/share and support each other. In doing so we would be creating c ontent for ourselves and sharing it in one spot, not creating content to add to a specific site that isn’t our own ‘home’. Of course if this got big enough, you can bet that Facebook or Google would buy it… and monetize it.

Thanks again,