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If we want to have a different, better future, we have to make decisions that are uncomfortable and inconvenient. We have to recognize the bits of us that are in control, when it feels like we have so very little control. I’ve said it many times, to family, friends, clients and colleagues – our actions matter. Now more than ever.

We all have time now. Time to reflect. Time to do some research. Time to choose differently. It’s not enough to imagine the ideal future, we have to make decisions that get us there.

Great call to action Laura. It reminds me of a post I wrote a few years ago

Sometimes our desire to change education is beyond our means. Whether it be because we are not a part of leadership, there are no funds to support such a change, it does not fit within the school’s annual implementation plan, the list goes on. The challenge for us in this situation is often how we actually respond, just as much as what our eventual response is. Instead of baulking at the challenge, one answer is to break the problem down into its parts. In doing so, it is important to look at what it is that is trying to be evolved and consider whether there is anything that we can do to get one step closer towards our ideal.

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