๐Ÿ“‘ “Let Them Leave Well”

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Unfortunately, principals and leaders have limited options, but one thing they can do is guarantee that the classroom door remains ajar by ensuring effective teachers “leave well.” Leaving is not necessarily a reflection of the family or school environment; sometimes it is a result of certain circumstances or the need for independence, wellbeing, or personal growth. If they leave on a positive note, they may be enticed to return to the classroom or the school in the future.


Inspired by an ACEL presentation, โ€œA synthesized model of teacher turnoverโ€ by Dr Hugh Gundlach, Andrea Stringer shares her thoughts on teacher retention. Gundlach and Gavin Slemp spent four years working on a meta-analysis on teacher turnover. One of the key take-aways is addressing those things that are within a school’s control by letting those who leave leave well. Associated with this, to help principals to better understand the situation, Gundlach provides some questions to consider in reflection:

  1. Was the teacherโ€™s departure voluntary?
  2. Is the teacherโ€™s departure a loss for the school?
  3. Could the school have done anything to prevent the departure?

Definitely food for thought.

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