🎵 Late Night Feelings (Mark Ronson)

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Mark Ronson’s Late Night Feelings is one of those albums where the whole is greater than the parts. It has the usual hooks and catches that you would expect from Ronson, however it success is its overall feel. It can be easy to get confused at supposed fillers like Knock Knock Knock, but like Fitter Happier on Radiohead’s OK Computer it serves a wider purpose within the album as a whole.

When discussing the making of Covers, Ronson once stated that his intent was to make music to DJ to. This album is a continuation of that. In some ways it is a set in its own right. Although it isn’t as blended as something like Madonna’s Confessions on a Dancefloor, moments like the bridge in Late Night Feeling or the constant of the bass throughout give the DJ feel.

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