💬 The Last and Final Days of Report Cards

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“Video killed the radio star” but what will kill report cards? This is what you’ll see after a short ride into the future in the “Educational Delorean”:

Teachers and students use personal digital devices in the classroom. When learning happens it’s recorded on the device. This could be video (student does something), audio (student explains something), pictures, digital documents or written observations. Teachers and students tag the learning with the relevant expectations, add comments and save it on the server.
The student receives feedback from the teacher and others, reflects and reviews. When learning is ready to ‘publish’ it’s evaluated and added to the student’s portfolio.
The student’s digital portfolio is shared with parents and anyone else the student chooses. Automatic notifications are sent whenever something is added or parents can subscribe to a periodic digest. Parents or others add comments, ask questions, or just click “Like”.
When the reporting period ends the student and teacher select the best work for sharing, write reflections and curate the work. Parents add comments. Growth is easily seen because previous work is already in the portfolio.

With various changes in my position, my attention has turned to students reporting. This sent me back into my social bookmarking and I came across your post again Andrew.

Do you think that the conversation has moved much? I have written about ongoing report, however I worry about the schools that do both and the burnout that this may cause.

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  1. We moved to standards-based reporting, as opposed to grades, and the result is that parents don’t understand the reporting system (failure of our school system to reach out) and students aren’t motivated to push themselves beyond “meeting” expectations. Sigh.

  2. Sad
    I was always a wreck when they came out when I was a kid but the results made me vow to improve or made me swell with pride when I did well.
    My parents would take me for a special lunch and buy me a reward.
    I did the same with my kids..


  • 💬 drehman ☕️#ReadWriteThinkCriticallyDaily

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