(Re)reading Adam Greenfield’s sociology of the smartphone today and I came upon this quote discussing the impact on our lives:

Work invades our personal time, private leaks into public, the intimate is trivially shared, and the concerns of the wider world seep into what ought to be a space for recuperation and recovery. Above all, horror finds us wherever we are.

Made me think about Pernille Ripp’s trials and tribulations on being a connected educator. It also made me think about the darkside to PD in 140 (or 280) characters.

What if we had growth coaches rather than project managers?

One of the interesting abnormalities associated with moving from the classroom to a project environment has been the ‘project manager’. These people run around making sure that everything is running as expected. The catch though is that they have very little content knowledge, instead they are focused on process.

What I do not get is why structures could not be set to support users in managing projects themselves? In the place of ‘managers’ we could instead have growth coaches who instead of managerial check-in focus on developing agency and capacity?

I am sure that I am missing something. Would love to hear.

Greg McVerry asked about using Micro.blog with WordPress.

I would recommend using a tag as a trigger. Therefore, students add say ‘microblog’ or ‘mb’ as a tag and it would get pushed through. Then you can decide if you include a title or not to decide short or long post.

In the case of a titleless post, I have taken to using the slug to explain the post.

I am really interested in the possibilities of using Micro.blog with something like Edublogs.