Listened Banning plastic may not be good for the future from Radio National
Even those who campaign against the overuse of plastic, argue for a more nuanced understanding of its role in our lives. Future Tense looks at these nuances.
Antony Funnell takes a critical look at the move to abolish plastic. He speaks with a number of experts who highlight that the issue is not plastics themselves, but the way they are used and recycled. This is what has led to the pollution of oceans and the environment. This episode of Future Tense corresponds with the return of the television series War on Waste.
Listened Guy Pearce - The Nomad from
'The Nomad' was an very personal and raw experience for me. It came as a result of my marriage ending in January of 2015. After going on the road to tour ‘Broken Bones’ in February I then started work on new material. As much as it delves into the melancholy at times it does allow for that beautiful ‘silver lining’ that keeps us going in life. It was such a joy to collaborate with my old pal Joe Henry at ‘United Recording’ in LA. What an amazing and historic studio, and working with the musicians Joe invited in was a truly inspiring and uplifting process.
Each Friday I scroll through the new releases fo something to listen to. I saw The Nomad and cringed. There is something about an actor who decides to turn their hand to music – Russell Crowe! After not finding much else I came back to Guy Pearce.

I was pleasantly surprised. It is a hard album to place. With bursts of jazz then moments of Leonard Cohen reincarnate, it is intense without being dramatic. Definitely an album to sink into.

Listened Your company’s culture is not unique, psychologist Adam Grant says from Recode
In an interview with Kara Swisher for Recode Decode, Adam Grant explains why company cultures are far from unique. He touches on a few key idea:

  • Fail Fast: Failure (and product) is not what matters, instead we should be focusing on processes.
  • Culture Fit: The right mix is not about being less cohesive as an organisation, but rather more open to diversity.
  • Givers: We need more givers. However givers require a culture to prosper. There needs to be a ‘culture of asking’ and a move to weed out the takers.

Agreeable Disagreeable Grant

Overall, success is about contributing and helping others succeed. This is addressed in Grant’s TED Talk.

As a side note, one of the interesting points discussed during the TED Talk was that of the ‘agreeable taker’:

The other combination we forget about is the deadly one — the agreeable taker, also known as the faker. This is the person who’s nice to your face, and then will stab you right in the back. And my favorite way to catch these people in the interview process is to ask the question, “Can you give me the names of four people whose careers you have fundamentally improved?” The takers will give you four names, and they will all be more influential than them, because takers are great at kissing up and then kicking down. Givers are more likely to name people who are below them in a hierarchy, who don’t have as much power, who can do them no good. And let’s face it, you all know you can learn a lot about character by watching how someone treats their restaurant server or their Uber driver.

via Doug Belshaw

Listened Cook Cut Damage Destroy by Prop from
Cook Cut Damage Destroy

Over a year in the making, this album is more than just a collection of remixes... it's a diverse, yet cohesive collection of collaborative electronica. The album features the fusion of Prop's marimba and vibraphone section with cut up electronica and dubbed out glitchy rhythms, experimental looping and for the first time in prop's life... vocals.

I loved Prop’s album and was always fascinated how of Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes transitioned from the blended soundscapes to the pumping tunes that they write as The Presets. This compilation provides some insight. It is made up of a series of remixes from artists all over the world, including the Presets.

Different from Gotye’s Mixed Blood album or Jack Antonoff’s Terrible Thrills series which are more traditional covers, this album is something of a reimagining. Not only are the sounds different, but often the original structure is also thrown out. This is made because of the absence of any vocals guiding the original tracks.

I never knew it existed and am glad a stumbled upon it as I looked for tracks on Google Music.

It is interesting listening to artists who I grew I up with. They change, the world changes, music changes.

One thing is the same, Gary Lightbody’s voice. However, the sound has matured. There is real nuance with this album, with a mixture of acoustics and textured production.

I found that once I stopped comparing it with the past then it really started to grow on me.

Listened Soulwax announce latest album, Essential
Soulwax - Essentials
Enjoying listening to the new Soulwax album, their BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix.

When we were approached to make an Essential Mix for the BBC in May 2017, we chose to do what every sane human being would do, we decided to lock ourselves into our studio for two weeks and make an hour of new music based around the word ‘Essential’, instead of preparing a mix of already existing music. The product of this otherwise unwise decision is something we ended up being very proud of.

Listened The Virtue of Sharing from Radio National

Let's look at the virtue of sharing: How could sharing shape our future, and what do we stand to lose if we refuse to share?

Edwina Stott unpacks the benefits of the sharing culture. This includes conversations about open source software, the sharing economy and open publishing. Stott unpacks challenges, such as how we support people to participate, this includes the feedback we provide.
Listened SEASON 2! Episode 1 Permission and SEO and Blogs by Seth Godin from Akimbo
Seth Godin reflects on the changes to his blog over time. This is related to his recent move to WordPress as a blogging platform. In the process he discusses changes to blogging, particularly related to SEO. He also touches on the importance of being specific, generous and consistent enough when connecting ideas.