Liked 12 Leadership Development Questions Any Leader Can Use Today by Dan Rockwell (Leadership Freak)

One secret of leadership development is providing time for others to engage in self-reflection.

  1. What do you already know? How might that apply to current challenges?
  2. What are you doing that makes you feel energized? What does that say about you?
  3. What makes you feel connected with people? What blocks connection?
  4. When do you feel most powerful? Anxious? Successful?
  5. What is your role – not title – on the team? In your organization?
  6. What’s confusing? Where do you need greater clarity, simplicity, or focus?
  7. What do your hobbies say about you? How does that inform your leadership journey?
  8. What frustrates you?
  9. What are you reluctant to try?
  10. How might you maximize your strengths?
  11. Who on your team should you be developing? How?
  12. Who has helped you on your leadership journey? How are you different because of them?
Liked On Saying No More by Pernille Ripp (Pernille Ripp)
I have realized in the past week that self-care is something I need to plan for. Is something every educator needs to plan for. That no matter what we do, which role we play, we can always feel like we are not enough. Like there is not enough of us. But I have also realized that that is not true. There is enough of us but just too much of other things. There will always be more coming at us, no matter what we do.
Liked Reference lists as sites of diversity? Citations matter. (the édu flâneuse)
Who we cite positions our work in a field. It aligns us with particular epistemologies and ontologies; ways of knowing and of ways of being. It can polarise us from others.
Although a bit different, I have been thinking of this lately in regards to my monthly newsletter. The Semantic Linkbacks plugin provides a tally of all the links referenced (and pinged) within the specific post.

A screenshot of some of my links in one of my posts.

As much as I try and broaden the voices incorporated, I fear that my bias (and ego) my take over. One of these days I should collect this data and analyse it.

Liked Monetizing Your Device Location Data With LotaData (
In a world where our data is the new oil, I’m interested in any way that I can help level the playing field, and seeing how we can put more control back into the device owners hands. Allowing mobile phone, wearable, drone, automobile, and other connected device owners to aggregate and monetize their own data in a personal or professional capacity. Helping us all better understand the value of our own bits, and potentially generating some extra cash from its existence. I don’t think any of us are going to get rich doing this, but if we can put a little cash back in our own pockets, and limit the exploitation of our bits by other companies and device manufacturers, it might change the game to be a little more in our favor.