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Screen time isn’t a single thing. It’s an insane range of things. There’s lots of screen time that is of Twinkie quality but there are many other options. If I read a book on a device is it screen time or is that reading? If I’m coding for an hour? Editing video? Video chat with my parents? When we reduce things to this extent we end up doing things that ignore the actual problem.
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Right and true are formed by consensus - some will align with me, others with John, but when true consensus cannot be achieved we are left with opinion. That's fine, we seek opinions to educate ourselves and to gain affirmation of our own, but when we blindly reject those that don't provide that affirmation we tread a slippery slope.
Liked The Reality of Twitter Puffery. Or Why Does Everyone Now Hate Bots? (Medium)
I’ve never been one to feel the need to put on a lot of makeup in order to leave the house and I haven’t been someone who felt the need to buy bots to appear cool online. But I find it deeply hypocritical to listen to journalists and politicians wring their hands about fake followers and bots given that they’ve been playing at that game for a long time. Who among them is really innocent of trying to garner attention through any means possible?
Liked 👍 2018: Lean in, Step up, Reach out by Andrea Stringer (
Recently I shared a professional opportunity with a friend and their response; “You’ve got this!” Three simple words that meant so much. Someone believes that I have the ability and skills to achieve this, and that I am qualified and experienced to be successful. I said it out loud, ‘You’ve got this!’ Then the self talk came into play. You know what?....I have. "I’ve got this!"
Liked #AudienceMatters Part IV: My First Microcast (#HamstraHighlights)
I read about microcasting in Bill Ferriter's latest blog: Microcast #001: Publish > Polish. In his blog, Bill credits Aaron Davis for the idea of reflecting thru these brief, audio segments. Bill's first microcasted topic was about blogging.Thanks to Bill and Aaron, I'm trying something new (to me). This strategy captured my reflection over lunchtime, as opposed to it being part of a written blog spanning 3-5 hours over the course of a week. In my first microcast, I share two blogging lessons I learned--and am still learning--the hard way.
Liked How Do You Invest Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Attention? by Tim Kastelle (The Discipline of Innovation)
We make choices about how we invest attention constantly, and, mostly, unconsciously. There’s value in thinking about this more consciously. And I’m not talking about efficiency. This isn’t about making more efficient use of time. It’s about making our investments more purpose-driven.
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We can't be in control of our lives as long as those lives are contained by platforms and we lack the tools for mastery over our virtual bodies and minds online. It doesn't matter if Facebook, Google and the rest have no malicious intent, or if they really do want to "bring the world closer together", or to "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful" or to "develop services that significantly improve the lives of as many people as possible". We need to be free and independent agents of our selves.