Liked Phone Numbers Were Never Meant as ID. Now We’re All At Risk (WIRED)
So if you're looking for an alternative to the phone number, start with something more easily replaceable. Hardjono suggests, for example, that smartphones could generate unique identifiers by combing a user's phone number and the IMEI device ID number assigned to every smartphone. That number would be valid for the life of the device, and would naturally change whenever you got a new phone. If you needed to change it for whatever reason, you could do so with relative ease. Under that system, you could continue to give out their phone number without worrying about what else it might affect.
Liked The Horizon Never Moves (A Horizon Report History)
EDUCAUSE is out today with the latest Horizon Report for Higher Education. This is, of course, a report that almost wasn’t as NMC, the original publisher of this project, abruptly closed its doors late last year. I had hoped that the whole thing would go away, but nothing ever dies in ed-tech. It just gets renamed – rebranded as “innovative” – and stays in circulation forever. Zombie ed-tech. Always on the horizon.
Liked What We Learned from Writing 7,000 Artist Bios by Jessica Backus (Artsy)
Artsy has created over 7,000 artist bios, and over the years we’ve learned a few things about what our audience of collectors and art lovers finds valuable when discovering new art. Since Artsy’s partners can now add their own artist bios, we decided to take this opportunity to invite Jessica Backus, the Director of Artsy Learning and The Art Genome Project, to share some insights into what makes for a compelling bio and how to eloquently summarize an artist’s practice in 120 words.
Liked Rethinking My Social Media Use | Chris Wiegman by chris.wiegman (Chris Wiegman)
I think it is safe for me to say that social media is a necessary evil and that isn’t all a bad thing. That said, I do need to limit its impact on my time as well as be careful to use it in ways that help those around me rather than hurting them, even if not intentional. I’m not really sure how I’m going to do all that yet to be honest. It will require a change in a lot of ways I do things and I’m not yet sure how to go about that. I do, now, know it is something I must do however and I’m looking forward to what it can bring to my life in the end.
Liked HEWN, No. 281 (
One of the teachers in that NYT article, incidentally, penned a story arguing that the future of the classroom should look something like a Starbucks. (The future of education is big brands, the education reformers and education investors keep repeating.) Again, it’s one of those allusions that I think is supposed to be inspirational but I find just utterly terrifying. Is this classroom the Starbucks where the white lady manager calls the cops on young Black men who make her uncomfortable?