๐Ÿ“‘ Doing Good with Technology?

Bookmarked White, Male, And Convincing Myself I Am Doing Good With Technology (kinlane.com)
Technology is a trip. Web technology is a delusion-ally virtual trip. It really seems to have many of us by the balls (pun intended), and working us like a puppet. I still perform this act on a daily basis via API Evangelist. Why? Because it makes me money! Of course, Iโ€™m always working to minimize the bullshit. Something Iโ€™m continuing to do by eliminating the mission driven rhetoric, but I just canโ€™t quit API Evangelist. Iโ€™ve assumed this persona, and canโ€™t seem to shake it. As I keep working to understand the beast Iโ€™ve created, I will continue to tell the story here on the blog.
Kin Lane reflects on the addictive nature of technology and the way in which he has convinced himself over time that he is actually doing good. This touches on the some of the ideas around ‘automating inequality’.

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