💬 Keeping track of articles you want to read

Replied to Keeping track of articles you want to read (Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel)

I’d rather write about a few links rather than bookmark lots. I’ve all but given up on bookmarking, as it’s almost as quick to search the web for something I’m looking for as it is to search my bookmarks…

I find my ‘bookmarks’ are my personal itch. Although there are times when it is easy enough to search the web, there is something about the process of curating that helps me remember.

Although I have long left my Wikity, one of the practices that continues is the interlinking within my work. I often link back to other posts. I kind of see this sort of activity as about maintaining my memory.

I was really taken by this quote by Ryan Holiday:

As a researcher, you’re as rich as your database. Not only in being able to pull something out at a moment’s notice, but that that something gives you a starting point with which to make powerful connections. As cards about the same theme begin to accumulate, you’ll know you’re onto a big or important idea.

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